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"My daughter has loved learning the piano with Jonathan. She enjoys his lessons and enjoys practising too. There’s no pressure on her which I think helps, as Jonathan is very kind and supportive. It’s money very well spent as far as I’m concerned and we especially enjoyed all the performances at the concert at the end of 2019."

Parent of Pupil

"I really look forward to my lessons with Jonathan, as he makes it fun and gives me great guitar tips." 

Pupil Aged 15

"Jonathan is kind, patient and an amazing piano teacher"

Pupil Aged 11

Jonathan has taught me piano for quite a few years and when I started I didn’t even have a piano ! I started with a little keyboard with no stand and now I am working towards my grade 4. What I like most about my lessons are I get to chose some of the music I really like as well as doing all my exam stuff. I even don’t really mind my theory homework too much. Jonathan is a great teacher, he has a good style of teaching, its always calm and positive with no pressure.

Pupil Aged 13

"Jonathan is a wonderful piano teacher, I can’t recommend him highly enough. He explains both the theory and practical side very well and has endless patience! It’s amazing how much we can cover in a 30 minute lesson and I am thrilled with my progress, having started learning piano from scratch 9 months ago. I’m a late starter and it can be daunting trying to learn something new, but Jonathan made me feel at ease from day one. For anyone thinking of taking lessons, go for it, and let Jonathan show you the way."

Adult Pupil

"My daughter started lessons with Jonathan aged 12 and now at 15 is a confident pianist who plays at random for pleasure which is a delight to listen to, it is a gift for life and I am ever grateful to Jonathan for the gift he has bestowed on my daughter."

Parent of Pupil

"Jonathan has taught both my daughters for a number of years preparing them for numerous exams and performances. They have loved the lessons from the very start but what impresses me the most is that they are completely dedicated to their instruments and entirely self driven when it comes to practice largely down to a great deal of inspiration and encouragement from Jonathan. I am so grateful we found him all those years ago."

Parent of Pupil

"Jonathan is a great teacher. He changes his teaching style well to match his students and is very patient and understanding."

Pupil Aged 16

"As an adult beginner on piano and completely inexperienced in music in general, I was really nervous about starting something well outside of my comfort zone. Jonathan has been incredibly understanding, keeping his lessons both enjoyable and challenging. With his help, I have been able to feel more relaxed and confident taking on all new skills I never thought I could do."

Adult Pupil

"I like Jonathan because he is great fun as well as being a very inspiring teacher. He listens to the problems I have with guitar and helps fix them. He also doesn’t mind if I don’t get everything done."

Pupil Aged 9

"Jonathan is doing a great job and you should keep what you are doing because it is amazing and I think that you are a really good teacher, thank you Jonathan"

Pupil Aged 9

"Jonathan has been my piano teacher for about a year now. Out of the three teachers I've had, I've enjoyed his method the most and feel like I've made the most progress with him. He is really kind and helpful. I like that he takes into consideration what I want to learn and fits the lesson around me. I'm really enjoying piano since I started with Jonathan, even during the pandemic he's always been available and my lessons have continued on skype. He also provides a lot of materials such as books and music sheets which is really motivating."

Pupil Aged 15

"Jonathan is a very friendly, encouraging and patient teacher and has massively helped me to improve my guitar skills."

Pupil Aged 17

"Jonathan is a very child centred teacher.  He listens to and respects our son’s ideas and thoughts about his learning.  Jonathan’s style of teaching is flexible, encouraging and supportive."

Parent of Pupil

"Jonathan has been my guitar teacher for 6 years. He is incredibly patient and always manages to make my lessons interesting even when it gets more challenging, especially with theory. I have never finished a lesson on a low and that’s over quite a few years. He is an amazing teacher."

Pupil Aged 14

"Jonathan is a great teacher, and is always positive about my guitar playing."

Pupil Aged 10

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